Sorry for the radio silence, a lot's been happening!

Where do I begin? When we left off, I lived in Cleveland, OH, and was touring to support Sixteen Winters.  Well, I'm still touring to support the record, but now I live in Denver, CO.  What can I say?  Things change.

To the city of Cleveland, I'd like to say a HUGE, and very sincere THANK YOU!!  You made a Texas transplant feel like family, and you gave me a place to have a family, and realize many of my biggest dreams.  You're a great town, and I will never stop preaching the gospel of the coolness of the CLE.  Although Cleveland will never be where I was born and raised, in many ways it has become more of a home than I ever had there.  I love the city; I love it's people; and I'm gonna miss it a lot.  Opportunity knocked though, in the form of a great new adventure for me and my family, and we had to follow the muse, so to speak.

I can't tell you much about Denver, yet.  I spent less than a week there before I had to hit the road again.  It seems really amazing though.  And I have to say, there ain't a whole lot that makes me happier than being able to see my beloved Rocky Mountains out the window when I wake up.

Back to business. The tour continues.  I'm at a Super 8 motel in Kansas as we speak, embarking on the next leg of this never ending journey to languish in slightly less obscurity.  Please check out the "shows" page here on the site, for November and December tour dates. There are several in place, and many more should be added in the next couple weeks.  I'll be in KS, MO, IN, OH, MI, and NY for sure, and I'd love to see your smiling face and play you some music.  To my Cleveland folks, I'll be there for sure on December 4th, at one of the best venues in the US of A, the Beachland Ballroom.  Come on out and say howdy, I miss you guys already.