I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

It's been a whole week since I hit the road from Denver for the first time.  I'd love to tell you what a great town it is, and really, I feel like that's what I'll be saying after I get to spend some time there. Initial impressions are all very good. I just wasn't really there long enough to form a full opinion. I'll be home for Christmas though, and I'll be taking a nice long break to spend time with my family, and get to know the new surroundings.

For right now though, where in the world will I be?  Well I'm out of Kansas.  Spent nearly a week there.  Ran into old friends, made some new ones, and did a couple of really fun shows at The Elbow Room and Lizard's Lounge.  If you ever get to Wichita, I highly recommend you drop in on Kenny and Dariah at the former, and Cooper and Kaitlin at the latter.  You'll rarely meet more friendly and supportive bar owners.

Last night found me in Kansas City, Missouri.  Hadn't been there since I don't remember when, and if I've ever played a gig there, I don't remember it.  There's a brand new room down the Westport district called the Westport Saloon.  It's Travis Summers' place, and I'd strongly suggest you check that out, too.  They have live music all night long. They start with a rock and roll dinner show at 6 pm, and that's usually followed by 4-5 bands throughout the night. It's all Americana and roots music, and the room and staff are wonderful.  They're doing everything right, and I hope to be going back there for many years.  The food is killer, too. I'd have never thought of breading and deep frying a black bean burger. They did, and it was outrageous. Major party in my mouth. If you get there, find Travis, say hello, and tell him I sent you!

Moving on down the road, tonight I'm at The Moonshine Grille in St. Louis, MO. Tomorrow at The Verve in Terre Haute, IN. After that, I'm gonna hide out for a few days in a cabin in the woods, and then head to Dayton area and Southern OH for some gigs.  I'll be sneaking through Cleveland under the radar in a couple of weeks, to pick up a guitar I left with my tour support sponsor Dirty Town Guitar & Amps, and maybe sneak out for a beer or ten and see what's hoppin' around town.  If you see me, say hello!  And don't forget, I'll be back in town for a Cleveland show on December 4th, with Waylon Speed at the Beachland Ballroom.

No update would be complete without a sales pitch, so here ya go. The holidays are coming up fast, and online shopping is easy.  If you know anybody who might enjoy a CD, T-Shirt, Koozie, etc.  Place your order right here on the website.  Still plenty of time to get stuff shipped to you before the fat guy falls down the chimney!

One final thought for you tonight, as I go over all the crazy road signs I see in my travels.  This one is from eastern Kansas.  I saw an exit for Lake Tapawingo.  Keep saying it, it's really fun.  Tapawingo.  You can't stop, can you?  Me neither!  I like to say it Tapa-WEEEEN-go.  Later!